Joint Statements

Serious decline in press freedom in El Salvador: RSF and its partners call on national authorities to safeguard right to information

Signatories call on El Salvador’s authorities to respect and protect press freedom and, in particular, to establish favourable and safe long-term conditions guaranteeing the ability of journalists to work freely.

Open letter to the Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Cybercrime

Given the broad-based and fundamental concerns from stakeholders, signatory organizations urge governments to consider withholding support for the UN Cybercrime treaty in its current incarnation.

Greece: Rule of law under threat, media freedom deteriorating

Rights groups and press freedom organisations call on the European Commission to take immediate action to address the deterioration of media freedom and the rule of law in Greece and its impact on fundamental rights.

Greece: Media capture in the EU’s lowest ranked country for press freedom

New report examines media capture in Greece through the four indicators of media capture: capture of private media, capture of public media, capture of the system of funding media and capture of media regulators.

EU should speak out on killings of journalists in Israel-Gaza war

With a record number of journalists killed, and evidence that the IDF may have deliberately targeted some, press freedom groups call on the EU to urge respect for press freedom and journalists’ rights.

UN Cybercrime Convention must not become a tool to undermine international human rights standards

Signatories stress that the Convention should only move forward if it pursues a specific goal of combating cybercrime without endangering the human rights and fundamental freedoms of those it seeks to protect, nor undermining efforts to improve cybersecurity for an open internet.

Greece: SLAPP lawsuit against media and journalists must be dropped

Ahead of the first court hearing, press freedom groups call on Grigoris Dimitriadis, the PM’s nephew, to withdraw his groundless defamation suit against journalists and media.

Malaysia: ‘Drop charges against Mentega Terbang filmmakers’

Human rights groups urge the government to drop the charges against the filmmakers and to end the criminalization of religious offence.

Venezuela: Civic space at risk of disappearing

Since its presentation before parliament, the debate on the “Law on Control, Regulation, Performance and Financing of Non-Governmental and Related Organisations” has been stigmatising in nature, depicting civil society organisations as “enemies of the country.”

Slovakia should reject draft legislation that weakens whistleblower protections

In addition to hindering the detection of corruption, the proposed changes would make Slovakia the only state where whistleblowing does not trigger protection unless the government agrees that exposing its own corruption is a ‘necessity’.

Urgent appeal for justice: Condemning the unjust prosecution of dozens of Emiratis in the UAE

IFEX joins rights groups calling on the UAE to drop politically motivated charges.

Hungary passes controversial ‘Sovereignty Protection Act’

Leading editors and journalists from independent press in Hungary warn that the law could be used to make life more difficult for those media critical of the government.

Performance artist Tania Bruguera harassed by Cuban government despite forced exile

Bruguera was forced to leave Cuba in 2021 as a result of government pressure and persecution for her artistic work.

Egypt: Authorities must stop targeting independent news website Mada Masr

The persistent targeting of Mada Masr and its staff is indicative of the Egyptian authorities’ systematic prosecution and detainment of journalists.

Hungary: Draft Sovereignty Protection Act poses fresh threat to independent media

“The proposed law would effectively open the door to state-sponsored pressure on those media which receive foreign funding and produce journalism critical of the government” – MFRR partners

Lebanon: Proposed media law poses grave threat to freedom of expression

Latest draft legislation maintains the criminalization of defamation against heads of state and hinders access to critical information.