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Serious decline in press freedom in El Salvador: RSF and its partners call on national authorities to safeguard right to information

Signatories call on El Salvador’s authorities to respect and protect press freedom and, in particular, to establish favourable and safe long-term conditions guaranteeing the ability of journalists to work freely.

“Invitation to tea”: Chinese regime’s Orwellian threat to journalists

An “invitation to tea” is a summon by authorities often followed by criminal proceedings or arbitrary detention.

Six urgent measures Meta should adopt to tackle disinformation

Facebook celebrated its 20th anniversary on 4 February, but still has no real safeguards against mass disinformation. RSF calls on the tech giant now called Meta to take urgent measures to protect the right to reliable information on all of its platforms.

Russia: Approximately 20 journalists arrested for covering Ukraine war protest

The detained journalists were covering a protest near the Kremlin by women demanding that their husbands be brought home from the front in Ukraine.

Embattled Guatemalan publisher Zamora dragged back into court on obstruction of justice charges

The imprisonment of José Rubén Zamora is becoming an unavoidable imperative for the new government of Bernardo Arévalo.

Guatemala: new president Bernardo Arévalo must act quickly to stop the criminalisation of journalism

“It is imperative that the police apparatus and executive bodies cease the persecution of journalists and the Guatemalan authorities, without delay, release ‘elPeriódico’ publisher Jose Rubén Zamora.”

RSF identifies spyware on phones of two Togolese journalists

An deeper look into the arbitrary arrests of publisher Loïc Lawson and freelance journalist Anani Sossou reveal how they were in the crosshairs of the Togolese authorities for some time.

Stanis Bujakera’s continued detention an affront to media freedom

Media advocates repeat their request to have Congolese journalist Stanis Bujakera released.