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Russia adds Institute of Mass Information expert to list of “terrorists and extremists”

Russia declared Institute of Mass Information expert Iryna Zemlyana wanted in 2022, opening a criminal case against her on spurious charges of attacking the Russian ambassador in Poland during an anti-war protest.

Physical and psychological support for journalists in Ukraine

Since Russia’s invasion began, Press Freedom Centers opened in Ukraine by Reporters Without Borders and the Institute of Mass Information have provided support to 1,300 journalists and media outlets.

Ukraine: Russian attack kills ‘La Repubblica’ producer, wounds correspondent

According to reports, the journalists were fired on by Russian snipers in Kherson. Both were wearing ‘Press’ badges.

A reporter stands near ruins of residential buildings destroyed as a result of shelling, in Izium, Ukraine, 14 September 2022. Viacheslav Mavrychev/Suspilne Ukraine/JSC "UA:PBC"/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

One year of attacks on media in Ukraine

Data collected by Reporters Without Borders and the Institute for Mass Information presents the true cost to journalism in Ukraine of Russia’s invasion.

Russian occupiers cloned a regional Ukrainian newspaper to promote propaganda

Russian invaders distributed a clone of “Ridne Prybuzhzhia” in Mykolaiv oblast to promote a pseudo-referendum on the accession of Kherson oblast and Snigurivka, Mykolayiv oblast, to Russia.

Ukraine: Russian forces kidnap three Kherson bloggers and force them to ‘apologise’ on video

One of those abducted is Olena Naumova, a Kherson kindergarten teacher and TikTok blogger who had been kidnapped by the Russian military on 23 August and released on 6 September. Her son says she disappeared again on 19 September.

Russia has committed 435 crimes against the media in Ukraine

In the first six months of the war in Ukraine, Russian forces have killed a total of 37 journalists, eight of whom died in the course of their work. Another fourteen have been injured and four are considered missing.

Russia has committed 428 crimes against the media in Ukraine

As of 24 July, the Russian military have killed a total of 36 journalists in Ukraine, 8 while they were reporting. Fourteen journalists have been injured and four are missing.