Strategic Plan

IFEX’s 2020-2024 Strategic Plan is our collective guide to the network’s priorities and approach over the next 5 years.

Strategic planning involves stepping back from day-to-day operations, understanding the context and how it is evolving, and asking the hard questions about where we are headed and what our priorities should be in our work promoting and defending freedom of expression and information.

Our new Strategic Plan is the result of extensive consultation and engagement with each of our member organisations, as well as our partners and donors. It reflects their incredible talent, experience, and passion for our shared goals, and sets out a plan for how we can achieve those goals, together.

The work we do is critical. The stakes are extremely high, and success relies on our ability to find the right path forward as a network. For that, we need a roadmap — and our Strategic Plan is our new GPS.

This summary card sets out the key points of our plan. You can download the full 2020-2024 Strategic Plan here (PDF).