Kanawha Valley Emmaus Community
Contact us at Kvec.emmaus@gmail.com



All gatherings are on the second Saturday of each month.  

Next Gathering - February 8, 2020

Location - Winfield United Methodist Church

Address - 20 Radwin Dr, Winfield, WV 25213


Disciples who have answered God’s call in their lives know how to recognize His voice. God continues to call us to use our spiritual gifts in building our community. In order for us to serve in all the areas needed to conduct The Upper Room Walk to Emmaus®, it takes many more people and resources than those which are visible in the conference room. In our growing community of over 600, there are many who have received a blessing, but have not yet served on a team and/or shared the many blessings for future pilgrims! The opportunities are endless!

Please pray and find out where God is calling you. Here are a few ideas for you to consider helping our community:

LEAD or FOLLOW? Opportunities to serve on the Community Board of Directors are available in all areas. The nominations to fill terms on the Board are proposed in November and December every year. Contact our Community Lay Director or any member of the Board to find out what our Community needs are! Contact our Leadership Development chairperson for more information.

WANTED: Like to pray? Your abilities would be well suited for organizing our 72-hour prayer vigils, contacting volunteers to stay in the Prayer Chapel during the weekend or exchanging prayers and prayer chains with other communities.

WANTED: Like everything to be put in its right place? Your talents will be highly valued packing up, setting up, or taking supplies and organizing the supplies for the community weekends, gatherings and special functions.

WANTED: Like to see things match up, add up and make sense? Our community needs people to work with the Treasurer, the Fundraising committee; or form an audit committee and perform an annual financial audit to ensure we are in compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.

WANTED: Like to organize get-togethers? Your gift would be treasured in helping the Assistant Lay Director set up Monthly Gatherings for the community.

WANTED: Like to learn or try new things? There’s plenty to do in exchanging Agape letters to other communities. Volunteers for the Agape or Kitchen committees will use their gifts in the background during the weekends, with much appreciation and little recognition except by your Father in heaven.

WANTED: Like to read spiritual enriching materials? Come help collect new or used books for the pilgrims’ study and deliver items for the book table on the Emmaus or Chrysalis weekends, at follow-up meetings and Community gatherings.

WANTED: Like surprises? You can be a part of a Team to give talks, facilitate spiritual growth and build our community. You can help to ensure our team supplies are sufficient, and to help to coordinate the Sponsor’s Hour, the Closing Service and everything in between. You can fill out a Team application at least six months prior to the Walk to Emmaus weekends; or you can contact the Weekend Lay Director to find out what needs to be done behind the scenes. You must have completed a Walk to Emmaus, Cursillo, Kairos or other 4th Day movement weekend.

WANTED: Like to make cool things or provide snacks? Your acts and gifts of Agape will always be received with joy as we strive to make the pilgrims’ weekends as memorable as our own.

WANTED: Like to help others? Come join one of many teams who help to transport supplies, set up the Kitchen, Prayer Chapel, Conference Room on Thursday before the Walk; or join those who pack or store our supplies on Sunday at the close of a weekend. No experience necessary.

WANTED: Like to remain anonymous? Your Reunion Groups and/or Walk to Emmaus communities and 4th Day movement groups from any church can cook meals. Your group could prepare and deliver items of Agape; or help serve any meal including Saturday’s Agape meal.

WANTED: Like to share? Our Newsletter Chairperson needs your stories and testimonies! You have experienced a life-changing weekend led by the Holy Spirit. Help others to know about this unconditional love shared one to another! Sponsor a pilgrim, talk about your experiences with Emmaus, talk to your pastor or priest. Ask for a presentation from our Evangelism Committee at your place of worship. Pick up a pilgrim application and explain the process to those who are searching for the path that will lead them closer to the Lord on their journeys!

The Upper Room Walk to Emmaus is an ecumenical group of believers in the power of the Holy Spirit, the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and all who participate are servants to others. Our goal is to prepare the laity and leaders for all congregations. The Walk to Emmaus is not a church, however, those who participate are happy to first serve their local congregations in any way, as directed by the clergy in the service of our Lord!

For more information about the Kanawha Valley Emmaus Community (KVEC) Walk to Emmaus, go to http://www.kvec.org or http://www.upperroom.org/emmaus