The IFEX Council serves as the legal authority for IFEX in Canada. Members of the council act in the best interest of IFEX on behalf of the IFEX membership and are responsible for the effective governance of the organization and compliance with the organisation’s by-laws and Canadian law.

The IFEX Council oversees policy and deals with all strategic and substantial matters facing IFEX.

IFEX Council members for 2023-2026 are:

IFEX Convenor: Tabani Moyo, Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)
Deputy IFEX Convenor: Andrei Klikunou, Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ)
Treasurer: Marianela Balbi, Instituto Prensa y Sociedad de Venezuela (IPYS-Venezuela)
Ahmad Quraishi, Afghanistan Journalists Center (AFJC)
Alejandro Delgado Faith, Instituto de Prensa y Libertad de Expresión (IPLEX)
Ayaa Irene Lokang, Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS)
Gilbert Sendugwa, Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC)
Mishi Choudhary,
Nighat Dad, Digital Rights Foundation (DRF)
Shireen Al Khatib, Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA)
Wesley Gibbings, Association of Caribbean Media Workers (ACM)
Ziad Abdel Tawab, Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS)

Find out more about how IFEX operates and what members’ rights and responsibilities are in the network bylaws and the IFEX Member Whistleblower and Anti Harassment Policy.