Who We Are

IFEX is a network whose strength lies in the local knowledge and grassroots efforts of our members and the connections that are built through collaborating for the common goal of defending and promoting free expression. No other network brings together such a range of international and local free expression groups, enhancing international understanding of the issues and creating opportunities for advocacy work.

The combined efforts of the many actors involved in each project and campaign are essential for succeeding in our goal to improve freedom of expression for all. Here are some examples of our work, and how, through sustained and multifaceted efforts, we can see significant results, over time.

  • No Impunity campaign: We coordinate the global No Impunity campaign, which works to bring to account those guilty of crimes against freedom of expression. In 2013, after extensive lobbying from IFEX and our members, the UN General Assembly recognized November 2 as the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists. Our work to end impunity continues year-round, in every region.
  • Featuring personal stories: We want more people to know about the lives, the work, and the sacrifices of the incredible individuals around the world who work to defend and promote freedom of expression, as well as appreciate the many connections between freedom of expression and the defense of other human rights. We regularly update and add new profiles to our searchable Faces of Free Expression hub page.
  • Gender and Free Expression: Women and LGBTQI+ people are often distinctly and disproportionately targeted for their expression. We work to ensure gender equality is incorporated into all aspects of our programming, and we keep gender issues in the spotlight, not least through our Gender & Sexual Diversity hub page.